Hyperspin +150 Systems 4TB External HDD 3.5 " USB 3.0-Hyperspin Systems™
Hyperspin +150 Systems 4TB External HDD 3.5 " USB 3.0-Hyperspin Systems™
Hyperspin +150 Systems 4TB External HDD 3.5 " USB 3.0-Hyperspin Systems™
Hyperspin +150 Systems 4TB External HDD 3.5 " USB 3.0-Hyperspin Systems™

Hyperspin +150 Systems 4TB External HDD 3.5 " USB 3.0

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We are proud to present the grand compilation of arcade classic and consoles of all time for PC, laptop or compatible device.
Hyperspin allows you to turn your Windows operating system based computer into a retro-gaming machine.
It builds upon MAME, Project64, DOSBox, Dolphin, PCSX2, Kega, and many other projects to enable you to play your favorite Arcade, home-console, and classic PC games with the minimum set-up. It also provides a large variety of configuration tools to customize the system as you want.
Complete & Up to date
Over 150 different emulated systems.
This pack contains about 85.000 supported games in this front-end with attractive graphics environment where you will find every game sorted; showing in this way the title, soundtrack, graphic arts, video preview, themes, box art, rating, release date, developer, publisher, genre and much other interesting information.
It's likely the best-looking emulation front-end ever devised and makes emulation setup easier all thanks to our pre-configured systems.

YouTube channel
In this video, we show you how the front-end works, how it looks and some of its main features.
You can check out the graphical environment and take a tour through the system.
Our company has developed the highest quality compilations in this sector, currently has more than 10 years of experience building this kind of projects (since 2012). If you want to know more about our work and the latest news; we invite you to follow the Hyperspin Systems Team subscribing you to our channel and if you like it, give positive feedback.

Walk-through the wheel

We are a skilled team, specialized in new technologies and in the entertainment sector, with great enthusiasm to improve ourselves and
present exclusive products with the sole purpose of making each of our customer's satisfaction.
We work hard to always offer the best prices and complete systems of the highest quality.
Share with friends and family this amazing compilation, relive NOW the arcade experience and recreate memorable funny moments!

Walk-through the systems
Hard drives
This great collection is available in a high performance and high speed external hard disk drive USB 3.0
All our products are guaranteed to comply with the current law and are tested in several of our departments prior to shipment to ensure its proper functioning and that is free from any type of failure:
Seagate 4TB ST4000DM000 3.5" (subject to availability).
  • Capacity: 4TB
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Interface: USB 3.0
  • Manufacturer: Seagate
  • Spindle: 7,200 RPM
  • Cache: 64 MB


The system is 100% Plug-n-Play, just a brief installation is necessary through a wizard setup.
You will find a very easy to understand and easy to follow manual in all devices with everything necessary for the proper implementation and use.
The controller configuration is a very simple process and it takes less than five minutes to complete, easily and quickly.
We created a valid configuration for all users through different preloaded profiles.
These settings are valid for all emulated systems in a single step. You can use the type of control you like best and that fits more to your needs or preferences: Joystick, PlayStation or Xbox Gamepad, X-Arcade, TankStick, Keyboard & Mouse, iPac, PC2Jamma, etc..
The front-end is fully modular so that by a not difficult action it is possible to add or remove content from the Hyperspin System. This way, the screen will show you just the content you prefer and create your own custom version with your favorite titles and emulators even expand your collection over time with new games and emulated systems.
No need to download additional software or any other kind of content, even the internet connection is not required. You will take pleasure in the whole extensive content and the thousands of entertainment hours on your classic arcade cabinet with a 15Khz monitor, on your high-resolution computer screen or HD-TV...
The only thing that you need is a PC or compatible with the Windows operating system; moreover, it is also possible to hide the OS startup and auto-boot the Hyperspin System.
You will get a more realistic arcade simulation than you ever imagined!!


Worldwide Shipping
We ship Hyperspin Systems to anywhere in the World.

We prepare each of the packages in the best way, thinking about the customer's satisfaction and the quality of the bought product, with the maximum care and the necessary protections to avoid any kind of damage during transport to the destination.
All shipments are identified with a unique tracking number so you will be able to know where they are at any time, until the delivery of the product in your own hands.

Guaranteed 100% tax-free, customs or other additional charges. All items are insured, such that if you do not receive the product purchased or it's damaged during the transport will be issued a refund or replacement.

The Express delivery service we offer is certified so a signature is necessary. No matter where you live, you can delight in our system and receive it at home, at your office or wherever you prefer.

Currently, we also have a warehouse in the European Union for the distribution of our products to meet the demand quickly and effectively.


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Through the payment gateway offered by Stripe, each payment is processed through a secure SSL server where your credit card data and personal information will always remain completely safe and prevent its use by a third party.
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Contact us without any commitment.
Our Hyperspin Systems Team will resolve any doubt and answer any question you have.
We will attend to any inquiry in the most effective way, Quick and satisfactory.
Our staff is at your disposal and is glad to help you whenever you need:
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