Arcade Bartop Deluxe +2200 Games-Hyperspin Systems™
Arcade Bartop Deluxe +2200 Games-Hyperspin Systems™
Arcade Bartop Deluxe +2200 Games-Hyperspin Systems™
Arcade Bartop Deluxe +2200 Games-Hyperspin Systems™

Arcade Bartop Deluxe +2200 Games

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We are the professional Arcade Bartop Deluxe manufacturer.
All machines sold from us have gained a high reputation from our customers for its excellent quality and reasonable price.

The Arcade Bartop Deluxe is suitable for 2 players with 19 inches LCD horizontal screen and original JAMMA PCB board system.

Our Arcade Bartop Deluxe is plug-and-play, no setup necessary!
This Arcade Bartop Deluxe is the best interpersonal ties maker!
You can place it on the table and enjoy a good time with your family and friends. It is also suitable for a game room, parties, game center, shopping mall and some other indoor places with lots of people.
Support download and add new games by yourself, There are no limits !!!
Main features
  • Pandora Box 9D Game Board. Over 2200 famous arcade games installed, you can find many childhood wonderful memories!
Your lovely arcade games like Street Fighter series, The King of Fighters, Mortal Kombat, Pac Man, Donkey Kong, Space Invaders, Metal Slug, Killer Instinct, The Avengers, Golden Axe, etc...

Please contact us for the full game list.
  • For 2 Players, it is a good way to promote the relationship with your friends and family.

    The most important and fun part of the arcade cabinet is the control panel. It consists of two joysticks and eight buttons per player.

    • 19 inch LCD Display

    We only use the best monitors available! Such as LG and Samsung monitors. let you play your favorite classic arcade games in better quality than ever before.

    • Two Hi-Fi speakers and Amplifier with advanced control system panel in front

    An important aspect of gaming is sound. For that purpose, we will need a set of two good speakers and an amplifier that will connect directly to the Pandora Box audio.



    • HDMI / VGA / Audio Output

      Equipped with VGA, HDMI and audio interface for TV / Projector. Experience the old classics in crisp HD resolution!

      • We added the High-Quality Marquee Print with backlight for your arcade

      Marquee is an essential part of an arcade machine. It always catches people's eyes and shows the title of this machine.

      • Installed coin acceptor, including coin door, coin box & free play button

      The Arcade Bartop Deluxe could be used in many indoor places like a game center, shopping mall and so on. It can also be used as a fun way of piggy bank for children to save money.

      • LED lights under the cabinet
      It creates a unique and cool environment in your play area.
      • Quality materials and a Luxury high-end

      MDF Wood Body 7 cm extreme ultra-thin, Silver T-molding, 8 mm acrylic with LED lights:

      Size: 58*48*70cm
      Weight: 20kg
      Voltage: 110V/220V
      Power: 120W
      Warranty: 2 year



      YouTube channel
      In this video, we show you how the front-end works, how it looks, and some of its main features.
      You can check out the graphical environment and take a tour through the system.
      Our company has developed the highest quality compilations in this sector, currently has more than 10 years of experience building this kind of projects (since 2012). If you want to know more about our work and the latest news; we invite you to follow the Hyperspin Systems Team subscribing to our channel and if you like it, give positive feedback.
      Walk-through games



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