• Shooting Gun Wireless Controller

  • $140.00 USD

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The award winning Shooting Gun Wireless Controller is the best available light gun today!

Simply mount the LED receivers on your TV or display (with included easy-to remove putty), connect the blue-tooth wireless adapter into an available USB port, install the drivers and calibrate your gun! You are now ready to play literally hundreds of games!



With real-time tracking, you can control the cross-hair on screen as you position your gun! This gun is PERFECT for arcade classics like Lethal Enforcers, Area 51, Terminator 2, Jurassic Park as well as modern console games like Time Crisis 3, Starsky & Hutch, Ninja Assult and more! Also works great for hundreds of FREE flash games available online!

This is the only solution you will ever need to be in control of classic and modern arcade shooting games! This gun features recoil action, a laser pointer (can be turned on or off), turbo mode and auto-reload (can also reload off screen just like the arcades!



  • Recoil feature and laser pointer for life-like action!


  • Use with hundreds of games! 100% MAME® (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator) Compatible. Also compatible with PC lightgun games as well as PS2, PS3 and Xbox (compatible only with Guncon2 games on PS2/PS3)


  • Compatible with ALL displays and monitors (projectors, LED, LCD, Plasma, CRT, HDTV etc)


  • Wireless gun! No more tripping over messy wires will shooting!


  • Real-time tracking! Watch your cross-hair move on the screen with the gun! (in games that utilize the crosshair)



 Buttons / Ports List

1. Battery slot   2. C (Trigger 2)   3. D (Trigger 1)   4. B   5. Power LED   6. Channel switch   7. Select   8. Start   9. Pointer tuner Y   10. Pointer tuner X   11. A   12. Auto fire switch   13. Power switch   14. D-pad