Hyperspin +340 Systems 8TB HDD RocketLauncher

The latest Hyperspin and RocketLauncher version, more than 340 different emulated systems.

This package contains around 180.000 games supported in the Hyperspin front-end, an attractive graphical environment; where you will find all the games classified in their title, soundtrack, graphic arts, previous video, themes, cover art, and much other interesting information.

This video shows how the system works and all its possibilities.
In addition, you can go through the graphical environment and take a tour.

Walk-through the wheel
Our company has been developing the highest quality compilations in this sector for more than six years. That is why we invite you to follow the Hyperspin Systems Team work.
Walk-through the systems
The system is 100% Plug-n-Play, only a small installation is necessary.
You will find a simple and complete manual on each device to use it correctly.
The controls are previously configured and you can use the method that best suits you: Joystick, Xbox gamepad, X-arcade, keyboard and mouse, ipac, PC2Jamma, etc...

You can enjoy all the content and thousands of hours of entertainment, regardless of having a classic arcade cabinet with a 15Khz monitor or a modern screen with a resolution up to HD. All you need is a PC or compatible with Windows OS.

Through an easy process, you can add or delete content from the Hyperspin System. In this way, the screen will show you only the content you prefer. You can also create your own custom version. In addition, you can also hide the O.S. startup to get a more realistic arcade simulation.