• Jamma Multi Game PCB (815 in 1)

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We are proud to show the most complete Jamma Multi Game PCB with over 800 titles.

Built-in VGA and HDMI connections (no PC required).

This is the great Pandora´s BOX 4S +

New Features:


1. There are CGA, VGA and HDMI output of the Pandora Box's 4S, support to CRT, LCD and HDMI screen.

2. There are two mode, which are "Coin Mode" and "Free Play Mode".

3. And for the "Free Play Mode", when you are playing the games, you can pause the game as you like, and continue the game when you are free;Or you can exit the game. And can collect the games you like, then these games will show in the first page.

4. There are CGA, VGA and DHMI output of the Pandora's Box 4s game board.

  • If you want to use the CRT, please connect the jamma and disconnect the VGA.
  • If you want to use LCD, please connect the VGA and jamma together.
  • If you connect the jamma and VGA together, it default to use VGA.
  • Connect jamma and HDMI togeter is HDMI output.


YouTube channel
This video shows you how the system works and all its possibilities.
Besides, you may go through the graphics environment and take a tour.
Our company has been developed the highest quality compilations in this sector for more than 5 years of experience. That is why we invite you to follow the work of the Hyperspin Systems Team:
( Walk-through games )


 Setting Menu:

How to set up?

1. Press the setting button to enter to the system setup menu.

2. IO Test: To test whether all the connection is correct of the Pandora Box 4S+, such as coin selector, joysticks, buttons. Before test, the words are purple; After tested, the words are yellow; Test again are blue.

3. Credit Mode: Press button ''A'' to enter to set up the credit, such as 1 cion 1 credit; 2 coins 1 credit etc.

4. Difficult&Lifes: Press button"A" enter into the "Difficult and Lifes" setting menu, move joystick to choose the game you want to set up.
Pandora Box 4S+ difficult:
(1) Press button "A" to set up the difficult of the game;
(2) Press button "B" to set up the lifes (Can't modify it, if the games don't have this option;
(3) Press button "C" to unify the current game setting to all the games;
(4) Press button "D" to exit the setting.

5. Display and Hide Games: There are 815 games in it, but if you just want to display some games, or there are some game you don't want to show in the game menu, you just need to hide it, please set up as below:
(1) Press button B to enter the Display/Hide setting menu (below picture);
(2) Move the joystick to pick up the games you want to setup, press button A to display/hide;
(3) Press button B will display all games, button C will hide all games, button D exict the setting.
​(4) If you only need one game, the cursor choose this game, press button "C", then it only show this game and hide all the other games. Will automatically enter this game after power on.