• 2 Players Joystick Board + Built-in Arcade Console (1300 in 1)

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We are proud to show the 2 Players Joystick Controller Board Built-in Arcade Console with over 1300 titles.

Built-in VGA and HDMI connections (no PC required).

This is the great Pandora´s BOX 6

YouTube channel

This video shows you how the system works and all its possibilities.
Besides, you may go through the graphics environment and take a tour.
Our company has been developed the highest quality compilations in this sector for more than 5 years of experience. That is why we invite you to follow the work of the Hyperspin Systems Team:
( Walk-through games )

( Use Demo )


 Product Details:

New 2 Players Joystick Controller Board Built-in Pandora box 6 - 1300 in 1 zero delay.

Product Packing List:

1.Arcade Controller Stick (KOF Surface / SF Surface)
(Console internal installation (Pandora box 6) board, there are 1300 games)
2.HDMI cable
3.VGA cable
4.USB cable
5.Power Adapter
6.Power cable

New Feature:

1. Console display support HDMI and VGA high-definition video output.

2. There are the "Free Play Mode" in Pandora's Box 6, when you are playing the games, you can pause the game as you like, and continue the game when you are free;Or you can exit the game. And can collect the games you like, then these games will show in the first page.

3. You can play PS3, XBOX360 and PC games by this Joystick Controller Board directly.